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Dec 7, 2012 7:00am EST
in the following segment. laura is in louisville, kentucky, on the independent line. caller: good morning. what bothers me is when people say they actually can not find work and they have been on unemployment for 20 months, whatever they can get, and i will tell you my husband lost his job five years ago. he was with a company for 23 years. immediately we went into survival mode. we thought about what we could do to reduce bills, simplify our lifestyle in case he could not find a job, and in between he took jobs well below his skill level, temporary work -- whenever he could find. when he finally found a good job, they wanted to know what he had been doing in between the time he left his job and found a new job. the people that have been unemployment all of these months and they say they cannot get temporary work, i do not believe it. host: how long was your husband on unemployment insurance for? caller: when you find temporary work, you can go off of unemployment, and when that ends, you could go back on. i want to say he was on maybe six months at the absolute most because he was taking tempo
Dec 8, 2012 7:00am EST
should not worry. host: democrats line. laura. caller: i'm a 49-year-old african american. back in the day my parents used to give me this thing called father john. they made sure they gave us our vaccination, however i have learned that bad stuff builds up in -- that stuff buildup in the immune system. i also take cod liver oil. my daughter thinks that is the worst stuff, but she has never had the flu. i think sometimes we forget there were things we did not have in the past, and the things that people were taking to keep people alive, and just with the air we breathed now, it is dangerous. people could reflect on some of the things that old people take back in the day, like cod liver oil, which is still very cheap. you can build your immune system at an early age because he did not have to worry about the flu shot later on. i have a 16-year-old was never had the flu. maybe she had the sniffles when she was an infant. host: dr. friedman, do you want to start? guest: good nutrition is important, and vitamin d, which is in cod liver oil, could reduce your ability to be infected.
Dec 6, 2012 7:00am EST
behind the biggest tax breaks. host: laura tweeted in, raise everyone's rates a little rather than some a lot. next call, carl from kansas, line for independents. caller: i think we need to quit worrying about the taxes and go well for reform. i know it later in kansas who has three kids -- a lady here in kansas who has three kids. all her food, doctor bills, prescriptions -- she doesn't pay any taxes. how does she get money back? guest: if you are not working, you're not going to be paying payroll taxes, be paying income taxes if you're not getting money. and then you might get some welfare, and that is the way our system works, i guess people might think that would be cruel to completely get rid of for welfare because what would happen to that woman. on the other hand, a lot of people, more conservative people think that something like welfare discourages work. european countries spend more on anti-poverty programs than we do. we still do have some at the poverty programs. -- anti-poverty programs. host: a tweet, what happened to the financial transaction tax? guest: it is popular amo
Dec 11, 2012 7:00am EST
it's a good idea. host: laura, republican caller from lansing, michigan. caller: yes, all these deductions and cuts and things, i have never seen anything done to ceo pay, which is exorbitant. i think possibly we could recuperates a money if we took a minuscule amount from wall street, a half cent for trade or something. i liked the two person discussion you had yesterday, reminded me of c-span of old. i would like to see legislators get paid for the hours they work, nor for they are there for a couple days and then they are gone and then they go talk to their constituents and they'll come back with a sun tan. so we know their constituents are all in florida. guest: with ceo pay, years ago there was a tax on any salary over $1 million. that was abolished in the george bush era. there is a new say on pay provision in the dodd-frank financial reform law that gives shareholders a little more veto power over the ceo's pay package. there's not much congress can do on that is directly because if the private sector. the tax on stock trades, there's a proposal for that. this has b
Dec 17, 2012 7:00am EST
and exercise cultural sensitivities. but you want to make sure they are realistic scenarios. host: laura asks, why is it anything done after the issuance of gao reports? guest: in most cases, action is taken in response to our recommendations. one of the things that we track globally as a percentage of our recommendations that are implemented. every year, it is about 75%, which is a good track record. more specifically to the realm of dhs grand program and a report that was issued in 2011, we recommended to congress that it consider cutting funding for dhs grant programs until dhs is better prepared to determine the overall impact and success of the programs. congress took us up on that. host: next call from indiana. caller: i would ask c-span to urge triland to come back to fridays. we miss him much. -- brian wham to come back to fridays. we miss him very much. it seems we are on collapse over of a security that we are being provided with, whether the marines, navy, coast guard, fbi, cia, and s.a., a local police enforcement, code enforcement, sheriff, highway patrol, national guard, airport
Dec 19, 2012 7:00am EST
money, everything gets better. host: laura is up next from venice, florida, on the republican line. caller: i am retired nurse and i was agency-based, so i was allowed to go into hundreds of different health care settings. not one of these politicians are addressing medicaid. even the republicans. the people who have worked in this country have paid all their lives and worked for their social security and medicare. that's a savings a plan a savings tax. it did not return interest. it invaded that funds for welfare and for medicaid, for people in this country who are not poor. you have drug addicts, alcoholics, and morbidly obese people who are killing themselves purposely, many of them who have children that are brain damaged from their behavior. you have people in the health care system over and over and over again at the public's expense, after layer after layer of services that people are not even aware of. host: what should congress do to address this issue? is now the time? caller: absolutely, because of this fiscal cliff. the working, responsible citizens of this country havi
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6